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  • Ash Olsen Releases Debut Album “Golden Child”

  • Norwegian rapper Ash Olsen released her long-awaited debut album “Golden Child” on June 16, 2023.

    It is her first project since the 2021 debut EP “ASHY”.
    The album comprises 11-track, produced by Maltinh0 and Ash Olsen.
    The album is intimately recounting the emotional rollercoaster of a young woman traversing the intricate landscapes of same-sex love and relationships.
    Ash Olsen said of the album, “One of my first readings with my «spiritual guide» as I like to call her, told me that I was a golden child and she said that Golden Children are born with a very clear mission, and most of us have never been here before so they might struggle with physical life here. And that meant that I was one of few that had come to earth for a bigger purpose and that is also why I had probably felt very alone and lonely growing up. And that shit sat with me and she also said as a joke that I should call my album that, and then the more I thought about naming the album that's what I came back to everytime... so thanks to her I have a fire album name <3”
  • Ash Olsen explained about some tracks for the album.

    “'Low' is about being in a relationship where things are just not going the right way. You both know it's not working out and all the emotions are being taken out on each other. In the track, it's me being the one that tries to get her out of the negative, dark and lost space she was in, which was an extremely difficult position to be in. And end note is that she had me low because she was very low.”

    “The Juice”
    “'The Juice' is about me just ranting out my own feelings in my own way.. I just felt some type of way and wanted to turn those feelings into a song. It's hard to describe exactly what but that's what I love about music.. that anyone can interpret it how they want.”

    “'CRAZY BITCH!' is about people trying to use you for money & fame and act a type of way that is just cruel because she/he/they want something from you. It's pretty much as simple as that. It was actually Malte (producer) who sent me the beat and I remember I was like 'hmm this is different, how can I make this my style'. I told him to send me the instrumental to try and then I just got addicted and I wrote the song. When Malte came over the next time he CRIED listening to it <3 and was like this shit is special, and then I was about to cry and yuh it was just a nice experience”

    “someone else”
    “'Someone Else' is about how fucking hard and tough it is to see someone you shared your life with suddenly being with somebody new.. we made the song because I needed to just vent about how I was feeling. I made the song right after me and my ex broke up and I had seen a story [on Instragram] and it wasnt even like that but when I felt it hurt that much, I was like FUCK how tf am I gonna deal with this.”

    “BORING! is straight up about boring and basic people lol”

    Photo by Kine Jensen
  • source : Apple Music
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