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  • RANI ADI Releases Debut EP “Toxic Paradise”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter RANI ADI released their debut EP “Toxic Paradise” on June 2, 2023.

    The EP comprises 6-track, featuring a guest appearance from Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Amber Navran.
    Produced by Cole A Mitchell, RANI ADI, Sami Shapiro, and Elitrax.
    The EP delves into the raw and unbridled emotions that make us human, from the exhilarating heights of passion to the devastating depths of pain.
    RANI ADI said of the EP, “'My favorite part about 'Toxic Paradise' is its sequential nature - the EP is designed to loop seamlessly from the ending straight back into the beginning, creating an endless cycle of self-discovery. This looping structure symbolizes the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth, much like the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes. It's a powerful reminder that even in our darkest moments, we have the strength to rise again and begin anew."
    They continued, “In crafting 'Toxic Paradise', I drew upon an array of musical influences that reflect my eclectic tastes and diverse background. From contemporary pop and electronica to my roots in funk, jazz, and Motown, I sought to create a genre-bending sound that is uniquely my own. I hope listeners will be inspired and captivated by the EP's rich sonic tapestry, just as I was when bringing it to life.”
  • They said, “As a female producer in a male-dominated industry, I feel a deep responsibility to pave the way for other women and demonstrate that we're just as capable of creating exceptional music as our male counterparts. I also understand that genuine progress requires collaboration and support, which is why I joined forces with my dear friend and creative partner, Cole Mitchell. Together, we co-wrote and co-produced the project, and his unwavering belief in my abilities helped me realize my full potential as a producer. The experience of producing my own music has been incredibly empowering, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to showcase my talents and to inspire more women to pursue their dreams in this industry. We need more diversity and inclusivity in music, and I'm proud to contribute to that movement.”
    They added, “As a queer artist, releasing my debut EP 'Toxic Paradise' during Pride Month holds a special significance for me. This EP is more than just a collection of songs for me; it's a musical manifesto of self-expression and authenticity. I am thrilled to share this sonic journey with the world, and I hope it encourages others to celebrate their unique identities and embrace their true selves unapologetically.”

  • RANI ADI explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Self Control”
    “I co-wrote and co-produced 'Starkissed' with my best friend and collaborator, Cole Mitchell. I had just gotten out of a complicated relationship with a girl who was closeted, and I wanted the song to capture that feeling of being in a euphoric but toxic relationship. We worked through the night and created Starkissed, which perfectly encapsulated my experiences of love, lust, heartbreak, and yearning. When we wrote 'Starkissed', I was really going through it. I wanted the song to reflect my experiences in a closeted queer relationship–forbidden to be out together and yearning for the day I could share our love with the world. With that in mind, I wrote: 'Secret love, Not enough, Dreaming of The day that I can take you in the light.' Writing 'Starkissed' gave my past self a voice to speak about the things I wanted my closeted relationship to be that I never had the space to vocalize”.

    “Toxic Paradise” featuring Amber Navran
    "After years of listening to her band "Moonchild", I had the incredible opportunity to co-write the title track, 'Toxic Paradise', with my mentor, Amber Navran, who also features on the song. Together, we crafted a powerful message of self-empowerment and reclamation. The song delves into the addictive nature of toxic relationships, while also celebrating the strength and resilience it takes to break free.”
  • source : Apple Music
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