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  • Astrid Cordes Releases New Song “Stop Dreaming”

  • Danish singer-songwriter Astrid Cordes released a new song “Stop Dreaming” on May 17, 2023.

    The song will appear on her upcoming full-length album “Hurry Up and Kiss Me While the Baby's Still Asleep”, which is expected to be released later this year.
    The album consists of three EPs, which is a trilogy, including the 2022 EPs “Hurry Up” and “Kiss Me”.
    The track was written by Astrid Ingemann Cordes and Jacob Nymark Brøndlund.
    Astrid Cordes said of the song, “It seems like yesterday, I pulled my beloved idol posters and the luminescent stars off the walls of my teenage bedroom and moved out of my dad’s house. But here I am; happily stuck in a new role and part of life. I found myself reflecting on the success and lives of others, inevitably feeling insecure and losing faith in who I am as an artist and what I can achieve as a human being,”
    She continued, “’Stop Dreaming’ is a mental and artistic state of emergency. It’s also kind of a paradox 'cause I’ve never been more creative than I am right now. Inspired by the frustrating emotions I was going through, I sat down by the piano and wrote the song in less than 30 minutes. ‘Stop Dreaming’ is a bittersweet salute to anyone who has felt like giving up on their dreams and goals in life.”
  • Astrid Cordes shared on social media, “Have you ever doubted yourself? Felt like you weren’t good enough? Like an imposter and a fraud and like it might be better to just 'stop dreaming'? Well me f***ing too and I wrote this song about it. There’s no good advice or deep wisdom hidden in the song. It’s just me. Feeling like I’m no good and stupid for even thinking I ever could be.. I wrote the demo in about 30 minutes at home on my piano - I guess this song really wanted out. I brought it straight to the studio where Jacob Brøndlund helped me elevate it and turn it into the shiny dark disco gem you hear today.”

  • Photo by Mads Fisker
  • source : Apple Music
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