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  • Freya Ridings Releases New Album “Blood Orange”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Freya Ridings released her sophomore album “Blood Orange” on April 28, 2023.

    Initially, the album was scheduled to release on May 5th, but was brought forward to April 28th.
    It is her first album in four years since the 2019 debut album “Freya Ridings”.
    The album comprises 14-track, produced by Ewan J Phillips, Federico Vindver, Jack Gilbert, Jesse Shatkin, Jimmy Napes, LOSTBOY, Phil Cook, Sammy Witte, Spencer Stewart, Steve Mac and Will Bloomfield.
    She wrote the album in London, half of it was written in her husband's shed at the bottom of his parent's garden, and Los Angeles where she finished recoding.
    Freya Ridings said of the album, “It's an album of two halves, 18 months of me being really heartbroken and alone and then 18 months of being the happiest I've ever been. So it's those two halves, the bitter and the sweet, and the transition from one to the other, and allowing yourself to go through that.”
  • Freya Ridings told Official Charts about the album, “My first album, that was just such a massive learning curve even learning how to make an album. This time, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and that feels a bit brave. It would have been very easy to just copy and paste [everything that worked before] and do the same things emotionally and lyrically.”
    She continued, “I didn't want to do that. I wanted to say the things I didn't know that I'd be allowed to say, to mention my biggest fears. It definitely helped me grow as a person. There's a lot of therapy, a lot of internal growing done while making ths album. I can't even believe I'm the same person I was when I started making it.”

  • Freya Ridings explained about some tracks for the album.

    “There was a breakup when I got given my first platinum disc for ‘Lost Without You’. I had no one to call and I was sat alone in a bar in King’s Cross. I’d chosen to put the energy into my career, and you miss so many birthdays, people just stop inviting you because they don’t think you’re around. It looks as though I had thousands of people around me, but actually I was the most alone I’ve ever been. So that song felt like me being scarily honest with myself, which was hard.”

    “This song is about feeling more insecure than you let on and, in a liberating way, we realize that nobody really cares and that's okay. Feels like an emotional rollercoaster to get to the place where I felt like I could release this song but I'm so proud to share this with you.”

    “Can I Jump?”
    “I have always had trust issues. I mean, I'm a solo artist! I could have been in a band, but it always felt safer to do things alone. And I liked to be in control. And there's a huge element where you cannot be in control when you're getting married to someone. You have to trust and love them completely. So I was like: can I jump? It's about bravery and the leap of faith it takes to love again after year's of heartbreak.”
  • source : Apple Music
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