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  • Dolores Forever Releases New Song “Good Time All The Time”

  • London-based pop duo Dolores Forever, consisting of Hannah Wilson (from Yorkshire) and Julia Fabrin (from Copenhagen), has released a new song “Good Time All The Time”.

    The song is the second single of 2023, following “When I Say So” released back in February.
    Also, the song will appear on their upcoming EP, which is expected to be released this summer.
    It was written by Hannah Wilson and Julia Fabrin. Produced by Ben Allen.
    The track questions the pretense of modern culture and conveys the message that it doesn't always have to be good.
    The duo said, “The immaculate gloss of social media, self-help culture, wellness. All arrows seem to point to constant happiness and perfection, but we all know that’s unattainable. Plus what’s a little sadness to balance it out? Sometimes things can be just OK, and that’s OK.”
  • Background photo by Francesca Allen
  • source : Apple Music
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