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  • St. Humain Releases New EP “METADRAMATIC”: Streaming

  • Sydney-based singer-songwriter St. Humain has released his sophomore EP “METADRAMATIC”.

    It is his first project in four years since 2019 debut EP “EMOTIONAL SAUNA”.
    The EP contains 7-track, written by Jonathan Prasetyo, Josh Martin Palandi, St. Humain and X&ND, and produced by Jon Mauliate, Josh Martin Palandi and St. Humain.
    The EP is about the feelings we all face in our lives when it comes to relationships - with lovers, friends, and with yourself. It is about the internal conversations that we all have and that St. Humain has had through the past few years.
    St. Humai said of the EP, “Things are usually more dramatic in our heads and I hope that each song is reflective of that inner drama.”
    He continued, “I think it's very cool to confess at least to yourself what you're actually feeling. I think that gives you a level of freedom and helps you somehow gain confidence just to be yourself. And to identify the negative feelings too, I think that's the first step on the way to overcoming them.”
  • He shared on social media, “sat on these songs for over two years because i didn’t have the money to finish them. then a pandemic & life things happened… eventually, the music was done so it was time for visuals. did the shoot, had the cover art since early october but completing it all took way longer than planned… besides hoping that you like the music, i hope this collection of songs take you on a *charming* journey lyrically. these stories are personal to me and reflect specific feelings for specific times in my life.”

  • St. Humain explained some tracks for the EP.

    “Sick Sad Love Song”
    “The song's backdrop is (loosely) my high school prom where I didn't really wanna go for the social aspect but I just really wanted to perform. Which I did, in a cover band with some of my friends whom I was in a band with at that time. I’ve only taken 34 months but I’m back & better than before: Not only to put (hopefully) good music out into the universe, not only to build a world for us to live in, but also as an Asian face hopefully repping my background well in the pop music/culture landscape.”

    “Tastes Like You”
    “I had a little crush on her and saw on Instagram that she was hanging out with another guy and naturally — I began to be jealous, and maybe this is my toxic trait but I started imagining a whole scenario where they were literally going to get married. Turns out they were truly platonic housemates, but the feeling stuck. It's the lingering afterburn of jealousy/longing that hurt, and trying to drown it out by drinking had zero effect.”

    “'Memento' came about from that core feeling of missing somebody, or longing for somebody at times. I wanted to express that emotion set against the dream land that is California. Imagine driving from state to state, trying to get back to where they are...”

    “Maybe I'm too cautious, maybe I'm too scared. But this song captures the feeling of missing somebody (again) and wanting to be close to them... I'm thinking about them when I go to sleep, and it keeps me up sometimes. But at the same time, there's something holding me back. My own heart is holding me back. I'm such a slow burn that I'm unable to simply dive into love and need to take things very gradually. This tension between wanting anything but withholding everything became Pillow.”
  • source : Apple Music
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