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  • Weyes Blood Releases New Song “God Turn Me Into a Flower”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Natalie Mering, aka Weyes Blood will release her upcoming fifth studio album “And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow” this Friday (November 18th).

    It is her first album three years since the 2019 album “Titanic Rising”.
    From the album, she released the final promotional single called “God Turn Me Into a Flower” on November 16, 2022.
    The track was written by Natalie Mering and co-produced by Ben Babbitt.
    Natalie Mering said of the song, “In 'God Turn Me into a Flower,' I relay the myth of Narcissus, whose obsession with a reflection in a pool leads him to starve and lose all perception outside his infatuation. In a state of great hubris, he doesn't recognize that the thing he so passionately desired was ultimately just himself. God turns him into a pliable flower who sways with the universe.”
  • The album comprises 10-track, produced by Jonathan Rado, Rodaidh McDonald and Weyes Blood.
    Natalie Mering said of the album, “Titanic Rising was the first album of three in a special trilogy. It was an observation of things to come, the feelings of impending doom. And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow is about entering the next phase, the one in which we all find ourselves today — we are literally in the thick of it. Feeling around in the dark for meaning in a time of instability and irrevocable change. Looking for embers where fire used to be. Seeking freedom from algorithms and a destiny of repetitive loops. Information is abundant, and yet so abstract in its use and ability to provoke tangible actions. Our mediums of communication are fraught with caveats. Our pain, an ironic joke born from a gridlocked panopticon of our own making, swirling on into infinity.”

  • Photo by Neil Krug
    Background photo by Charlotte Rutherford
  • source : Apple Music
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