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  • Reneé Rapp Releases Debut EP “Everything To Everyone”: Streaming

  • American actress and singer-songwriter Reneé Rapp released her highly-anticipated debut EP “Everything To Everyone” on November 11, 2022.
    The EP comprises 7-track, produced by Blake Slatkin, Cirkut, Connor McDonough, Evan Blair, German (Producer), The Monsters & Strangerz, Omer Fedi, Taylor Hill and TBHits.
    “After probably 4 years of talking about putting out a project— my EP is here”, Reneé Rapp said of the EP. “I'm anxious and super excited for you to hear. I hope you love it. and if you don't love it, please don't tell me. I'm super sensitive.”
    She started this project back in January.
    She told Rolling Stone, “I got out of a really tough relationship last December. And the first person I called when it ended was my manager, Adam. And he was like, 'How are you?' And I was like, 'This is going to be the best year of my life.' And he was like, 'But are you good?' And I was like, 'Honestly, no. But I can feel something in my body, that this was supposed to happen. And now I feel like my own individual and I don't have to make myself smaller. And now I have something to say.' So the second that happened, I started writing in a different way and recording with a ton of people in January of this year.”
  • She continued, “It wasn't even until about a month ago, or two months ago, when I wrote the intro that I was like, “Oh yeah, this is what the project is.” I feel like I constantly am trying to be everything to everyone. And that doesn't mean that I'm the perfect friend — half the time, I'm so unreliable it's ridiculous — but that concept bleeds through the whole project.”

    Reneé Rapp explained of some tracks for the EP via Rolling Stone.

    “In the Kitchen”
    “It's my worst emotional experience put into a song that centers on me, not the person it's written about. I wanted that to be the focus — it's not the longing for the person, it's the grief that comes with being hurt. It's the pain that comes with feeling dumbfounded and confused and embarrassed. Though writing this song was during one of my low points, I would go through it all over again to have this song come out this way.”

    “'Colorado' specifically is a song that is only about mental health. And it doesn't say, 'I am sad, I am sick.' It's like, 'I want to fucking move to Colorado 'cause I want to literally get the fuck away from everybody, even the people who I love most and are so good to me. Because I can't possibly be happy with myself right now. And I don't fucking know why. So I'm going to move to a state where I no longer have a job like this.' So like that.”

  • “​Don't Tell My Mom” via Instagram
    “What were you afraid to tell your mom as a kid I'll go first I stole rings from my great grandma it ate me alive for years and this is my public confession della, girl, im so sorry rip”

    “What Can I Do”
    “I think 'What Can I Do' is the first openly gay song that I ever wrote. Though I've been out for many, many years, I never ever wrote songs about my queer relationships. I only wrote them about my hetero relationships. And it was wild because I really wanted to; I just didn't know how. I honestly think, looking back, that's a touch of internalized homophobia. But when I wrote 'What Can I Do,' it was just about really, really, really falling super hard for a close friend of mine who is straight, but every now and again flirts with me and was in a relationship that was so not suited for her.
    And so it was just me enviously and innocently watching her go through this relationship and not be treated properly. And selfishly, I was like, 'I literally love you. I would never want you to feel like that.' It's really just this feeling of yearning for somebody where you don't know if you're just friends or not. For me, that song is so important because it is the first queer song that I wrote that I was really proud of. And as somebody who's bisexual, I think a lot of times it's very easy for me to just exist in queerness as a bisexual person who only speaks on the hetero parts of my life. That song made me feel so good about the really colorful and gay parts of my life.”

    Photo by Erica Hernandez
  • source : Apple Music
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