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  • Louis Tomlinson Releases New Album “Faith In The Future”: Streaming

  • British singer-songwriter Louis Tomlinson released his sophomore album “Faith In The Future” on November 11, 2022 via BMG.

    It is his first album in two years since 2020 debut album “Walls”. Also this album is his first release under his new label BMG.
    The album comprises 14-track (deluxe edtion 16-track, produced by Mike Crossey, Nicolas Rebscher, Joe Cross, Red Triangle, James Vincent McMorrow, Jay Mooncie and Frederik Ball.
    Louis Tomlinson told RollingStone about the album, “I wanted it to be broad. I was so paranoid about coming across credible on the first record. So there was an element of me being musically closed-minded. It was important for me, on this record, to be broader than that. I started out my solo career with a dance-pop hybrid thing with Steve Aoki. So for the first album, I didn't want to go anywhere near as kind of dance-y sounds. I suppose on this record, I'm just in a more confident place, so I'm willing to be braver and do things like that. Or at least what feels braver to me.”
    He said of the album title, “I suppose it's a bit of personal reflection. I've always had to have 'Faith in the Future' in my life, in my career. The first record, it felt really emotional. Not that this record doesn't, but I want to feel hopeful more than anything. So I wanted to honor it with a really hopeful title.”

    Louis Tomlinson explained of some tracks for the album.

    “The Greatest” via EUPHORIA Magazine
    “That was specifically written as a tour opener, not necessarily an album opener at the time. Musically, it's interesting. There's probably not another song like that on the record. It starts the album with a statement of intent, which I think is important. There's a certain ambitious level to that.”

    “Written All Over Your Face” via EUPHORIA Magazine
    “I went into the room with these people I've done a few sessions with, and I said, “Let's try and take this as punk as I can get away with.” I suppose that's where the Arctic Monkeys [inspiration] comes from; there are obviously punk elements within what they do.”

    “Bigger Than Me” via EUPHORIA Magazine
    “It's definitely the biggest sounding song I've got on the record, definitely the song that stands out as being one that should be a single. I wasn't certain I was going to have one of these songs on this record that has a big chorus. It shows off my vocals, so I'm really proud of what we got out of it.”

  • “Out of My System”
    “Out Of My System is a pulsating, punk-tinged song inspired by Arctic Monkeys' 'Teddy Picker' or Dancing shoes. Out of My System… Definitely one of my favourites on the album. I went in and said, 'Let's try to write a song that is as punk as I can get away with.'”

    “Silver Tongues” via EUPHORIA Magazine
    “That song was a great part of the writing process. On this record, I tried to write with less professional songwriters and more artists, and “Silver Tongues” is a good example of that. What you get with that is a different level of care and love for what you're doing, instead of making it about money and trying to get the single. It's not trying to be anything that it's not. We were not trying to write a single, and there's just a certain level of energy to it.”
  • source : Apple Music
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