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  • Bazzi Releases New Album “Infinite Dreams”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Andrew Bazzi, aka Bazzi released his long-awaited sophomore album “Infinite Dreams” on September 16, 2022 via Atlantic Records.

    It is his first album in four years since the 2018 debut album “Cosmic”. Also the project is the follow-up to the 2019 mixtape “ISoul Searching”.
    The album comprises 19-track, featuring guest appearances from Cordae and LANY. Produced by Bazzi, Kevin White and Rice N' Peas.
    He co-wrote the songs with Cordae, Edward Alexander Jordan, Jake Goss, Kevin Patterson, Kevin White, Paul Jason Klein and Rose Betts.
    “After years of crafting this music & new show I am excited to share this experience with you. It feels like everything has led up to this,” Bazzi shared on social media. “I honestly can't really fathom or put my finger on how it feels to finally be giving you this album. I have worked so hard & given all of myself pushing my sounds further, trying new things, and telling my truth. One of the biggest responsibilities I feel as an artist is to continue being fearless in making music, to try and create new feelings and rhythms through my songs. I don't know a lot, but what I do know is getting to write and produce these songs is where I feel alive. Where I truly belong. I hope my words can speak to you and my ideas sonically can move you. Making this album has been the most introspectful, growth-full, process of my life and I have no idea what happens after it. I've spent all my time and will power bringing it to you right here right now. All I know is putting it out allows me to move on to whatever's next for me.”
  • He continued, “Making this album saved my life. Making music is the only navigation I've had so far to bring me back to any sort of control or equilibrium. I wanted to make an album that had no borders sonically, and where any sounds or thing made sense next to the next. Kind of like a dream. I love you and deeply thank you for letting me do what I get to do. I couldn't imagine life without my craft. I will continue pushing borders as long as they are there.”
    He added, “I want to dive deeper into myself to continue to innovate and continue to give you something that's different but most importantly, makes you feel something. i just want to connect people. i want to create a home for people with my words and create fire for people with my warmth… i want to spread love. i hate this age we live in where it's not cool to be kind, or to inspire, or to be happy. i hate that music has become something to fast track wealth and individual worship. i don't think music was created to be something to pass by 3 minutes in a club so you can bob your head for a minute and pretend to be happy. music is something that should rip your inner soul out and help you find identity in yourself. ”

  • Bazzi explained of some tracks for the album.

    “Heaven to me is interesting because selecting a single off the album is so tough. Infinite Dream is so versatile, and it shows so many different sides of my music making abilities picking one single to represent the entirety of the work is impossible. But heaven is something I thought fans would enjoy and would be a nice precursor to all the madness and insanity that they're going to get to hear on the album. I made 'Heaven' in Hawaii around 2 and a half years ago with longtime collaborator and best friend, Kevin White. When I listen to the record, I can still see the pink and purple sunsets…. and all the crazy other activities that went on over there.”

    “Miss America”
    “In light of recent terrifying news, I'd like to clarify my intention on my next song Miss America. I dont want to politicize this record & want to allow viewers to form their own understanding of the record when you hear and see it, but the state of things makes that difficult right now. America to me is not the few thousand greedy pocket padded, agenda driven, out of touch old men & women who run this country- its us. Its the 350 million people who live here. I see America through the eyes of my dad who immigrated here 40 years ago with a dream for himself & his future family. I see America through the fact he was able to change his life and build something beautiful for himself. No matter how evil these men and women who decide our fate daily can be, we cant allow them to defeat us & form our perspective of this country for us. This is our America & I believe over time young people will prove that.”

    “Will It Ever Feel The Same?”
    “Putting out 'Will It Ever Feel the Same?' is one of the most important things I've done in my career so far. I made the song a year and a half ago, when all the emotion was pure and raw, and putting it out today is interesting because a lot of the emotions have changed. But I realize the responsibility of telling the truth for somebody who might need it. This song is the most personal I've maybe ever written, and giving it to everybody feels like lifting a huge weight off of my back. I'm so excited to keep sharing more music and telling more of my story.”

    “I Like That”
    “It originally started with completely different lyrics.I liked the groove and the energy, but I didn't think lyrically if it was the feeling that I wanted. I Like That' is the start of a new era for me. I'm exploring new things sonically and just having more fun making music. This song signifies a feeling of gratitude coming back into a new world and atmosphere. Visually, it shows what I wanted the song to do, sonically, and how it touches people in their everyday life and kind of puts a groove into their day. It's an adventure with some of my closest friends. Making a music video that encapsulates the feeling I put into this song was important to me and I think we got pretty close.”

    “Young & Alive”
    “It's interesting because this song has such a bright, full of life type energy to it, but when making it I didn't feel that way. When making it I was in a darker place and while making it, I was almost opening myself up back to that and going back to that pure kid-like state which we all chase, and that's where the magic was, that present-ness.”
  • source : Apple Music
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