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  • Ira Nor Releases Debut EP “Swim Ira”: Streaming

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Ira Nor released her highly-anticipated debut EP “Swim Ira” on August 26, 2022.

    The EP comprises 5-track, produced by Øyvind Glåmen. All songs were written by Mari Jystad Halse, and Øyvind Glåmen.
    Ira Nor shared on social media, “i'm sharing a collection of tough things i've been going through the last couple of years on my debut EP 'swim ira'.”
    She said of the EP title, “It's me telling myself to swim, so I don't drown in my emotions. Sometimes it can feel like that for me, like I'll get into a depression if I don't work hard at staying on top of the water.”
    Sonically the EP looks to the future, but the synths and general warmth feel nostalgic.
    Turn your attention to her warped vocals though, and suddenly the lyrical anguish behind the bangers hits home.
    She explained of her songwriting process, “It's intuitive for me. I often feel like my head is bursting with melodies but I suppress them until I feel like I have so many ideas I need to get them out, and then I let them burst through.”
    She continued, “I just wanna move someone. I'm doing this because I'm in love with the process of making music – it would mean the world to me if it helps people too.”
  • Ira Nor explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “Takes you a thousand steps back in the healing process, because of the rollercoaster of emotions you had with that person, seeing them again is like getting smacked in the face. The song is about looking back at a former toxic love. The feelings are extra strong because toxicity does that sometimes - it's about being drawn to toxicity.”

    “swim alone in the dark”
    “It's about the breakdown that sometimes comes after being in a harmful relationship where your self-worth is destroyed and yet you still find yourself addicted to what it was. Then, with the loss, you feel less worthy of love than ever before – because if you can't be loved by a person who loved you in a bad way, how can somebody ever love you in a good way? It's a really dark song.”

    “It's about moving past a relationship that always was doomed; getting the power over yourself back, and letting go of an unhealthy relationship. Pain can be beautiful if you use it in the right context. So I always try to do something beautiful with mine. A lot of elements in the song are made from things Øyvind had laying around there. An old nylon-string acoustic guitar, a bad mic… he just edited the shit out of it all.”

    “bad baby”
    “I have a chaotic lovelife, which is good when you're a songwriter.”

  • Photo by Luis Kramer
    Background photo by Magnus Westerlund
  • source : Apple Music
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