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  • ALMA Releases New Song “I Forgive Me”

  • Finnish singer-songwriter ALMA released the second single of 2022 called “I Forgive Me” on August 12, 2022, following “Everything Beautiful”.
    The track was written by ALMA, A Strut and Fat Max Gsus. Produced by A Strut and Fat Max Gsus.
    Accompanying music video was directed by Anna-Livia Miettinen and ALMA herself.
    ALMA said of the song, “It's a song that I wrote for myself when I needed to forgive me! I've always been very hard on myself. If I do something wrong or 'bad' I tend to really stay in that horrible feeling and can't really find ways to overcome those situations.”
    She continued, “Writing helps me a lot and talking to my friends but if I hurt someone's feelings or make them feel bad for some reason I find those situations very hard to overcome. It got to a point that I was trying to make everyone like me despite that being impossible. There's always gonna be people that just don't like you or what you do. Also I think we are all such a hypocrites towards each other, so ready to judge others without knowing their story. I really do feel like talking and listening to each other and forgiveness for yourself & others is the key to find your own peace and happiness.”
  • source : Spotify
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