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  • Alexander 23 Releases Debut Album “Aftershock”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Alexander Glantz, aka Alexander 23 released his long-awaited debut album “Aftershock” along with a new music video for “If We Were A Party” on July 15, 2022.
    The album comprises 11-track, produced by Alexander 23, Dan Nigro and Jeremy Zucker.
    American singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo co-wrote “Hate Me If It Helps”, and American singer-songwriter Jeremy Zucker co-wrote and co-produced “Cosplay”.
    Also, American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth played the piano on “RIP You And Me”.
    Alexander 23 said of the album, “My album is about the grieving process of a breakup. Being heartbroken, thinking you're over it when you're obviously not, meeting new people, questioning yourself and all your relationships. If the breakup was the emotional earthquake, the creation of this album was the emotional aftershock.”
    He continued, “This new release is full of the most honest songs I've ever written — and some of them are vulnerable in very scary ways. I'm terrified, but I worked really fucking hard. I'm really proud of it and I think it's fucking good. I'm excited for people to hear it.”
    Before the release of the album, he contributed the song to Canadian singer-songwriter Tate McRae's debut album “i used to think i could fly”.
    He told MTV, “I remember that, when I'm making music for me, I'm gonna have to live with these songs, both as a representation of me and also my life. I'm definitely a bit more particular when making music for myself, which, in turn, makes producing for other people a little bit easier. But making music for others versus myself is just different, more so than easier or harder.”
  • Alexander 23 explained of some tracks for the album.

    “Hate Me If It Helps”
    “As good of a songwriter she (Olivia Rodrigo) is, she's an even better listener and friend. This song is about a super personal and complicated topic, so I needed to write it with someone I really trust and feel emotionally safe with.
    Half of me is legitimately terrified that people will actually hear this song, but the other half knows thats exactly how it should feel couldnt be more proud and excited. this is the first song ive released in 356 days.
    I'd gotten to a point where I realized that I loved this person enough that I didn't care what it took for them to feel better after the breakup. So if blaming me gets them to where they need to be, I'm totally okay with that.”

    “You can break down getting over someone into three parts. The first time you say “I'm over them”, the second time you say 'I'm over them', and the third time you say 'I'm over them'. The first time you say it is a lie, and you know it, but really what you're doing is signaling to yourself that you're ready to start trying. The second time you say it, you're starting to believe yourself, but your emotional immune system is still compromised. The third time you say it, congrats you really did it. 'Crash' is a story about somewhere in between the second and third time. I was so close, but still felt myself romanticizing the memories in a way that felt more harmful than reflective. Every once in a while I had to sit myself down and remind my brain that missing someone and missing a relationship aren't a package deal, that you can miss the person without missing who you became together. I started writing this song almost a year ago. It has gone through many iterations, tried on many shapes and sizes, auditioned many styles and genres. But tonight, in its final form, it is yours. Take good care of it for me, this song has taught me a lot and been there for me through some trying times.”

  • “Somebody's Nobody”
    “im on a plane watching the movie tenet and its really confusing. this song is not confusing its just good music.”

    “The Hardest Part”
    “After I first wrote “The Hardest Part” I didn't want to put it out. It felt wrong to commoditize grief, especially as so much of it wasn't even my own. I began to slowly send it to close family and friends, and the response was overwhelming to say the least. It made me reevaluate the song's potential place in the world because it reminded me of what I have turned to music for countless times before, to feel understood when words and actions alone weren't enough. I'm hopeful that we can heal and grow within the comfort of knowing that while our experiences are unique to us, our feelings aren't. I hope you never relate to this song, but I unfortunately know you will, and I hope it can be there for you when you do.”
  • source : Apple Music
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