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  • Ea Othilde Releases Debut EP “How I'd Like It to Fade”: Streaming

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Ea Othilde has released her debut EP “How I'd Like It to Fade” via Koke Plate.
    The EP comprises 6-track, and all tracks were written by Ea Othilde Baklund and Hans Olav Settem (except “Bound to Life”).
    She wrote the songs a several years ago, and made the EP during the summer of 2021.
    Also she said that the EP is inspired by Elliott Smith, Simen Mitlid and PJ Harvey.
    17-year-old singer-songwriter told STOFF Magazine about the EP, “Many of the songs that are on the EP I wrote several years ago. Then I was a completely different person with completely different problems. For me, the EP is more than the finished end product. It's like the process that matters. It has been very fluid. It's been months without us doing anything. It has taken a very long time.”
  • Ea Othilde explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “Back to You”
    “The song is about putting yourself first and cutting toxic people out of your life. I wrote this song over a year ago when there was a family situation that was very frustrating and hurtful, and I remember I felt really fed up and tired of it. Some people think the lyrics revolve around a teenage heartbreak, which is the furthest thing from what it actually is. But I guess that's the beauty of interpretation, we can all decide for ourselves what the message is.”

    “I Couldn't Be There”
    “'I couldn't be there' is a little indie rock tune about all the things you want to do, all the places you want to go, everything and everyone that's out of reach. It's the sound of time slipping through your fingers, the soundtrack of roads leading nowhere”

    “Green River”
    “'Green River' is about taking on too much in life because you're afraid of missing out. As a result you end up with a little bit of everything, which feels more like nothing.”

    “'Yore' is a pretty little psych-ballad about walking in circles and feeling inadequate in important situations in life.”

  • Ea Othilde told WHEN THE HORN BLOWS about inspiration from Elliott Smith, Simen Mitlid and PJ Harvey, , “Elliott Smith has been my biggest inspiration for a long time. I believe it was him who first introduced me to the singer/songwriter genre, and his music was what made me find my own music taste and sound. I've always loved the way his music can be very simple and unpolished, and still express a lot of emotions. Another important artist to me is Simen Mitlid. It feels a bit funny to mention him since he works in Koke Plate, the label that releases my music, but he has truly inspired my music. I love his songs and especially his lyrics. I would describe him as the king of simpleness, he can write the most basic sentences and it just works. I have so many memories of listening to him during the summer of 2021 when I made my upcoming EP. Also, I have to mention PJ Harvey. She has also been a big obsession of mine. Her music is quite different from mine, and I think that is what attracts me. Her sound, lyrics and image is so raw and tough, and she inspires me to be unafraid and experiment with my style and sound.”
  • source : Apple Music
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