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  • Harry Styles Performs “Late Night Talking”, “Boyfriends” & Wet Leg's “Wet Dream” on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

  • British singer-songwriter Harry Styles appeared on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to perform “Late Night Talking”, “Boyfriends” and a cover of Wet Leg's “Wet Dream”.
    “Wet Dream” appeared on British rock band Wet Leg's self-titled debut album on April 8, 2022. The song was released as the second single Last September.
    It was written by Rhian Teasdale, Hester Chambers and Joshua Omead Mobaraki. Produced by Dan Carey.
    “Late Night Talking” and “Boyfriends” were included his third studio album “Harry's House”, which was released on May 20, 2022.
    “Late Night Talking” was released as the second single from the album. It was written by Harry Styles and Thomas Hull. Produced by Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon.
    He first performed the song at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival back in April.
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    “Boyfriends” is the 12th track of the album. It was written by Harry Styles, Thomas Hull and Tyler Johnson.
    Harry Styles told Apple Music about the song “'Boyfriends' was written right at the end of Fine Line. I'd finished the album and there was an extra week where I wrote 'Adore You,' 'Lights Up,' and 'Treat People With Kindness.' At the end of the session for 'Lights Up,' we started writing 'Boyfriends,' and it felt like, 'Okay, there's a version of this story where we get this song ready for this album.' But something about it just felt like, no, it'll have its time, let's not rush it. We did so many versions of it. Vocal. Acoustic. Electric guitar. Harmonies on everything, and then we took them out for chunks and put them back in for chunks. You try not to get ahead of yourself when you write a song, but there was something about this one where I felt like, 'Okay, when I'm 50, if I'm playing a show, maybe there's someone who heard me for the first time when they were 15 and this is probably the song they came to see.' Because I'm learning so much by singing it. It's my way of saying, 'I'm hearing you.' It's both acknowledging my own behavior and looking at behavior I've witnessed. I grew up with a sister, so I watched her date people, and I watched friends date people, and people don't treat each other very nicely sometimes.”

  • source : BBC Radio 1
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