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  • Erin Releases New Song “Still (B Side)”

  • Australian singer-songwriter Erin (formerly known as Esmé) has released a new version of “Still” as B side, along with a music video.
    The original version of the song was released back in March, featuring Sydney-based singer-songwriter Godriguez.
    The track was written by Erin Badman and produced by Ken Allars. The video was filmed by Raphael Miguel Canillas.
    Erin said of the song, “I wrote 'Still' on the 15th of October 2019, a few days after I had returned home from Vietnam. I know the date because I still have the iPhone voice memo. My guitarist played this pretty little French sounding guitar line. He was just improvising a little to himself but I immediately heard the rest of the guitar melody in my head. I sang it back to him to copy me and he put some beautiful chords to it. I sang Still over the stop, the words and melody coming all at once and it's the only song that's ever written itself that way for me, so seamlessly.”
  • She shared on social media, “There's a harder louder side of me I'm yet to explore vocally, but I've never been the type of artist to discover everything about myself all at once or show everything all at once, so for now, I've been exploring the softer side of my voice while letting the music and all the textures and sounds in the production tell the rest of the story and I'm actually pretty addicted to the intricate and creative way that these songs are coming about. This music is more than just a moment for me, it's not an overnight thing. If I like the sound of something and it moves me, I'll run with it and not second guess a single thing, cause you have to go all in with this kinda thing. No matter what you're doing, you gotta close your eyes and find your focus and know that life is beautiful when you're free in it.”
  • source : Apple Music
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