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  • James Alphonse Releases New Song “i dont need to choose”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter James Alphonse released a new song “i dont need to choose” on March 1, 2022.

    The song follows up “WANT IT TO BE”, which was released last August. It was written by James Alphonse.
    James Alphonse said of the song, “My new song, 'i dont need to choose,' is about my long distance relationship with my girlfriend. I wrote this to banish her insecurities of whether or not she’s the right one for me.”
    He continued, “I wanted this to feel like an anthem song for others feeling a bit of repression. I was also kind of hoping other people could sing this to their partners if they were worried about them truly loving them. If I can give their partner a bit of peace of mind, hey, I’ve done a pretty cool thing!
    Cover art of the song was created by James Alphonse himself. He added, “I love being involved in every aspect of my music career. One of my old passions before I started songwriting was visual art, which is why I wanted to create the album artwork myself.”
  • He shared, “To be brief, this is about relationship insecurities. It can be tough when you don't know if your partner is 100% serious. Add in long-distance struggles and you've got what I'm going through. My partner kept asking me 'are you sure you don't want a Canadian? Are you sure you don't want a skinnier girl? Are you sure you don't want a shorter girl?' but I already knew she was the one. I wanted to make a track, so that I could just tell her 'hey, listen to this. You'll know'.”

    Also, the song is dedicated to his photographer Paul Iacoviello.

  • Previous Song “WANT IT TO BE”

    Photo by Paul Iacoviello
  • source : Apple Music
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