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  • Shadow Academy Releases New Song “Once And Never More”

  • American symphonic rock duo Shadow Academy, consisting of Ninja Sex Party's Dan Avidan and American multi-instrumentalist producer Jim Roach, released the second single “Once And Never More” along with a music video on February 25, 2022.
    It was written by Dan Avidan and Jim Roach. The video was animated by Simon Macko.
    Dan Avidan said of the song, “Once and Never More is a song about secretly loving someone for a long time, then getting one brief flash of reciprocation, never to have it repeated. It's about two people who love each other and have the right chemistry, but the timing and circumstances never line up…. It examines the regret that comes with that, as well as the contemplation later in life of what could've been, and whether or not it was worth it to have those feelings in the first place.”
    Jim Roach said, “Once and Never More was one of the early songs that we wrote for Shadow Academy. I remember sitting down at my piano at home and those four intro chords were the first things to come out. They aren't particularly special chords but for whatever reason that day I thought they sounded interesting together. I then moved on to create a chorus section that was much more dancey, and SUPER lame in retrospect. Immediately Danny wasn't feeling it so I went back to the drawing board and worked on what is now the chorus. The next day Dan emailed me his vocal ideas and I hit the floor! The vocal at the top of the song is just incredibly haunting and I hadn't heard Dan sing much like that in the past.”
  • He continued, “This was also one of the songs on the record that I obsessed over the arrangement and “vibe” for. Dan and I both knew we were onto something we loved, but I was trying to “beat” the version we loved from the outset to try and improve it. I created about 25 different versions of the song that each had their own palette of sounds, feels and drum parts. This likely took a couple of years off my life! As is usually the case, we came back to the very first general feel that we created for the original demo. It was still the most moving after all that searching. Another lesson to trust your gut the first time. 🤘🏻”
    Their debut song “White Whale” has 113k views on YouTube, and 220k streams on Spotify.
    Jim Roach said, “After writing our first song, 'White Whale,' together we knew we were onto something special”.

  • Photo by Fiore
  • source : Apple Music
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