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  • Paper Citizen Releases New Song “Heart On Fire”

  • Singaporean alt-rock project Paper Citizen, led by singer-songwriter Claire Gohst, has released a new song “Heart On Fire”.
    The track was written by Claire Gohst and produced together with Sutter Hellwarth & Ainjel Emme, and features drummer Anthony Lopez.
    It is her first single since the 2021 EP “Wandering Ghost”.
    “‘Heart on Fire’ speaks about breaking down on those walls rising within your heart, listening to your inner calling, and challenging your emotional barriers to deviate into an energy that will allow you to express yourself entirely for the world to see who you are,” Claire Gohst explained. “‘Heart on Fire’ sets out to charge those inbound feelings within you that will pull you back to the culmination of who you are. We occasionally allow other people to dictate the direction of our lives through the fear that we hold within.”
    She continued, “That feeling like your heart is on fire is an undeniable warmth that should pull you in and allow you to open up to the world about your dreams and aspirations.”
  • She shared on social media, “'Heart On Fire' was a musical idea that came to me while i was experimenting on my computer👩🏻‍💻 i’ve been trying this new process of writing entirely in a DAW, which feels very different than writing on an instrument. i didn’t know where to begin at first, but then took a step to pause and process my inner thoughts+emotions. i began to imagine what i wanted to create, instead of the usual letting-my-hands-guide me-on-the-guitar method. my imagination took me back to where i started musically, and the moments of clarity that reminded me of why i love music so much. harmonically inspired by 90s grunge rock and melodically influenced by some really talented musicians i’ve sang with through the years in various bars and bands, my gorgeous team meticulously produced this baby over the pandemic. the song’s about challenging the rules with love, written in homage to all of their impact ❤️‍🔥”

  • Photo by Alissa Wyle
  • source : Apple Music
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