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  • Matt Hart Releases New Song “DECIMATE”

  • London-based DJ Matt Hart released a new song “DECIMATE” on January 17, 2022.
    The song is the second single off of his upcoming sophomore album “BELOW THE TERRA PT.1”, following “To the Core” released back in November 2021.
    It was written and produced by Matt Hart.
    The song captures a world decimated by conflict and ice storms. With the surface now a frozen wasteland and uninhabitable by man, only the controlling machine overlords remain above on TERRA. The survivors, the last of humanity, bury themselves below the surface, toiling away to the core to maintain life as they now know it.
    Lyrically, the track looks back on a time when the surface was just barely habitable, capturing the thoughts of the people of TERRA and brings it forward to link to BELOW THE TERRA PT.1 a future sound reminiscent of earlier times. Musically the track builds tension with electronic elements, beaten with harsh vocals – protecting the human edge. The relentless force of beats creates a pounding atmosphere that both tightens and releases the listener, mimicking how breath itself is the umbilical of life.
    The new album is expected to be released in early 2022. It is his first album in three years.
  • source : Apple Music
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