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  • Wrabel Releases New Version of “london” featuring Cam

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Wrabel released a new version of “london” on December 10, 2021.
    This time, he collaborated with American country music singer-songwriter Cam on the track.
    The song is included on his debut album “These Words Are All for You”, which was released back in September.
    It was written by Wrabel, Stuart Crichton, Drew Pearson and Cole Citrenbaum.
    Wrabel said of the song, “I'll be releasing a new version of London where my favorite songs from the record, I'm one of my favorite songs of my life really, with Cam and I'm just so excited to say that and that's true.”
    He continued, “We got in touch and over the song, it was sent to her. And we were kind of looking for something new with the song whether it be a reproduction or a feature or something. And I've always been such a fan of hers, the her lyrics and melodies and her voice and the way that she loads. It's just like, so beautiful. And so I was thrilled and we got to jump on the phone. We actually still to this day have not met which is a wild thing that kind of covers the whole album of doing songs with people and being like we haven't met yet, but we're really excited to. And I'm just so happy with it. Her voice just added this whole nother layer and I feel like the song has a new life. And getting to sing harmonies with her was so magical, even if done remotely and I'm thrilled that it's coming out.”
  • Cam said, “oh my gosh, I can't believe the song is finally coming out. I love Wrabel, his voice feels familiar, like I don't know if we were friends in the past life or something, but there's something so warm and comforting about the way he sings. And the song just has such a magical element to it, like he just there's you know. I love this mix of like warmth and sadness and darkness and light, and he has that. In London and obviously he loves the song it means a lot to him, so I feel really special, but he wanted me to be a part of this. And now I have you guys get to hear this whole incredible collaboration. So enjoy it.”

  • Photo by DNA Creative Collective
  • source : Apple Music
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