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  • Lauren Dukes Releases Self-Titled Debut EP: Streaming

  • Chicago-based R&B singer-songwriter Lauren Dukes released her self-titled debut EP on September 2, 2021.
    She created the EP during the COVID-19 pandemic. The EP comprises of 5-track, featuring guest appearance from Shaun Martin.
    “Much of what I write starts off by asking (God, the universe, then myself) 'What is the message You want me to deliver? Then, I ask, 'What do I want to express?'”, Lauren Dukes said of the EP. “I think this horrible pandemic did give time for the creative types out there to hone their crafts. I couldn't help but think if I come out of quarantine being better than I went into it, then shame on me. I didn't know each of the 2 million people who lost their lives from COVID, but I somehow feel like it's our duty to honor them by living better (whatever that means to you). For me, that meant not sitting on my songs anymore. Get them made. Get them out.”
    She continued, “Everything I do is with my whole heart. It is my passion. My ministry. I want everyone to walk away from listening feeling better than the way they came. Music has the power to do that, and I'm honored to get this opportunity to hopefully contribute.”
    Also, she has shared three live session videos from the EP, filmed by LakeshoreStudio4.
    Lauren Dukes' band consists of Nic Byrd (Guitar), Andy Sutton (drums & producer), Ola Timothy (Bass), Kris Lohn (Bass), Moses Hall (Keys), Latavius Mulvac (on Keys), Aiden Dehn (Sax), Shawn Maxwell (Sax), Shaun Martin of Snarky Puppy (Keys), Marques Carroll (Trumpet), Kirk Garrison (Trumpet), and Nicole Garza (background vocals).
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    Lauren Dukes explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “Hectic Love Week”
    “The song is about one of those couples that repeatedly break up, then make up. It's almost a weekly pattern. Everyone knows a couple like this or is in a relationship like this. It was inspired by a friend from a former band who was constantly breaking up with his girlfriend and then getting right back together. With his permission, I wrote about it at Andy Sutton's studio; Sutton Music Co, and recorded it with A. Latavius Mulzac from Nashville on keys, Kirk Garrison from the Lieutenant Dan Band on Trumpet, and Shawn Maxwell from Chicago on Sax.”

    “The song is about wanting what we may not be able to have again and having to accept whatever that answer is in the end. It's something we all want. But it's rare to get it...closure.”

  • Photo by Anna Sutton
  • source : Apple Music
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