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  • Charli XCX Premieres New Song “Good Ones” on BBC Radio 1

  • British singer-songwriter Charli XCX premiered a new song “Good Ones” along with a music video on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Tom Grennan.
    The song will appear on her upcoming fifth studio album.
    Charli XCX told Tom Grennan, “I'm proud of it feels like a very kind of representative of my whole album I suppose so I'm happy it's kind of the first thing people are hearing.”
    The track was written by Mattias Larsson, Oscar Holter, Caroline Ailin, Robin Fredriksson, Noonie Bao and Charli XCX. Produced by Oscar Holter.
    The song features '80s sound. She said of the song, “I mean I suppose the song is sort of a classic tale of one thing to fall for people who are probably bad few a little bit toxic. And even though they're toxic there may be a bit fun. Just going for Rahman's I suppose that's essentially what this song is about being a little bit self destructive and I think that's definitely something that I've done a lot in my past.”
    She continued, “The album is still definitely in the works. I would say it leans into a kind of 80s sound. A more pop sounds like classically so then I have been kind of exploring for the past few years, I was really inspired by Janet Jackson for this record and also like Cameo and Rick James like, there's definitely a sort of 80s leaning kind of vibe to the whole album. I'm excited to be here.”
  • The video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who shot it in Mexico. She said, “We went to Mexico. It's so so cool there, we found a really cool location for this video and it just made the whole thing, even more special. I mean this is a spoiler I actually I don't do this in the video but I like got some may in a coffin for a while, which is quite scary. I wasn't in the coffin in the ground. I'm actually not in the coffin in the music video but I just wanted to try it out because I thought it was like literally once in a lifetime opportunity because probably the next time I do, I'll be dead. So I was like, let me get in and see what it's like and it's really comfy.”

  • Charli XCX said of the song in a statement:
    “Today, I, the inimitable Charli XCX, am releasing a brand new single 'Good Ones', accompanied by a twisted, dramatic and quite frankly electrifying music video.
    The first single of my new chapter embraces all that my life has to offer in today's world – fame, glamour, inner demons and global hits. 'Good Ones' was produced by Oscar Holter of Max Martin's Wolf Cousins entity, and laments my inability to keep hold of healthy relationships, instead being endlessly drawn back to the dysfunctional and toxic.
    Filmed in Mexico and co-directed by my new favorite director: Hannah Lux Davis, the 'Good Ones' video sees me dramatically mourning the untimely loss of my partner as I battle with the realisation that once again I've abandoned the goodness in my life, in favour of the sinister, with a visual aesthetic that marks a new era of me: Charli XCX.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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