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  • Conor Albert Releases New Song “Keep Your Faith”

  • London-based music producer Conor Albert released a new song “Keep Your Faith” on August 11, 2021.
    The song will appear on his upcoming project “Collage 2”, which is expected to be released later this year.
    It was co-written with Carmody and featuring backing vocals from Matilda Mann.
    Conor Albert said of the song, “The song is about the latter stages of my last relationship. My ex felt that I basically didn't love her anymore and this is a song I wrote to try and express the ways that I still did and how we should hold on to the relationship. We did end up splitting in the end which makes the song bittersweet but I'm glad I have that moment of my life crystallised to look back on. This is the most personal, exposing song I have ever released.”
  • He explained how the song came, “I wrote the initial chorus idea late last year and that was how it was left for quite a while until I got Carmody to help me out with the verses. With anyone else I think I would have been quite shy to work on such a personal song, but I've known Carmody for years, so it was a very comfortable experience. Sometimes I have this ego driven idea where I'm like 'I should write, produce, play, arrange everything on this song just to test myself', but with this project I've found it so beneficial to enlist help from some of my friends. Aside from it just making the whole process quicker, it also gives the songs a new perspective that I never would have seen on my own. Carmody has such a way with lyrics and so working with her was so easy, we wrote the rest of the song in a few hours together.”

  • Photo by Joshua Halling
  • source : Apple Music
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