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  • Hayley Mary Releases Debut EP “The Piss, The Perfume”: Streaming

  • Australian indie rock band The Jezabels' vocalist, Hayley Mary released her solo debut EP “The Piss, The Perfume” on Januar 17th.
    The Jezabels released their last album "Synthia" in 2016. She unveiled her first solo music in four years.
    “I’m quite excited. It’s a blend of excitement and stillness — like the calm before the storm,” Hayley Mary told Tone Deaf about the EP in an interview. “I’ve done this before, but not solo, and I feel a little bit more prepared to not get too caught up in the excitement about it. I feel quite down to Earth about it, I suppose. I’m excited, but I know it’s still just day-to-day.”
    She added, “I don’t think that I realise how much people still think of me as Hayley from The Jezebels, and it’s going to take a while to push through as my own identity. I hope that most fans will like it, but I think it’ll gain a different perception almost entirely.”
  • She co-wrote all songs of the EP with Johnny Took of DMA's. Sha said, “Before I met Johnny, I was kind of wandering around the Earth trying to find the people who would help me make my solo record, and now I live with him and we have a studio in our room, and we have guitars everywhere, and everyday we wake up and play, and it’s part of my world now.”
    The EP was produced by Scott Horscroft. “I said I wanted it to be Motown, I want it to be punk, I want it to be Australiana, I want it to be country, I want it to be Celtic, and he went, ‘yep, yep, we can do all that!’ He meshed it all in, some how, and it worked,” she explained. “I told him I’d always wanted to make a record that sounded like a memory of your parents dancing in the kitchen, but your parents are Cyndi Lauper and Roy Orbison. I think he nailed all that, but also managed to glue five fairly disparate songs together into a cohesive and contemporary whole.”
  • source : Tone Deaf
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