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  • 2018-05-07
  • Death By Piano Releases Debut EP “Countdown”

  • Back in March, Brooklyn-based the new dark wave project Death By Piano released a debut EP “Countdown”.
    The EP comprises of 5-track including Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” cover. The EP was preceded by three singles “Caves”, “Jolene” and “Countdown”.
    The sound is electronic synth-pop with blending synth, guitar and chorus. But their music reminds us of 1990's Madonna sound the likes of "Drowned World/Substitute for Love" and "Frozen".
    Death By Piano was formed by Kalen Lister (lead Vocals, keys, programming) of Kalen & The Sky Thieves and Greywolf (electric bass, guitar, keys, programming, vocals.) of Escaper.
  • Kalen Lister said of the new project;
    “DBP is an incredibly collaborative project, not only between Greywolf and I. But also between us and other collaborators such as No Surrender (production) and Robert Lux (visuals). The collaboration isn’t always about creating things simultaneously in real time. There’s a lot of trust that allows for independence in the process, as well. Greywolf and I share logic sessions from the back end, creating different versions of our songs, at time not just being additive with new tracks but greatly manipulating ideas and iterating on an initial seed. At times this means that a single seed sprouts many songs or song parts, other times it simply means that completed track can end up in a very different place than when it started. We trust that we’ll come to a consensus in the end but give one another plenty of space to play, be, and get weird.”
  • source : INDIE BAND GURU
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