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  • TEME Announces New EP “HA LF”, Premieres New Music Video for Title Track

  • British music duo TEME, consisting of JJ Hodari and Bo Morgan, announced their sophomore EP “HA LF” will be released on July 30, 2021.
    From the EP, the duo unveiled the title track along with a music video.
    Th song was written by JJ Hodari and Bo Morgan. The accompanying music video was directed by Bo Morgan.
    TEME said of the song, “HA LF is a song about inner turmoil, the divided self, full of confusion, anger and fear, trying to find the right path forward. The first half of the song encapsulates all of the frustration one feels when they don't know how to move forward. How the inability to take control of one's life can induce a 'cavity', self-hatred ('it's your own damn fault') and spiralling thoughts ('it's like I'm running on repeat').”
    The duo continued, “After the song builds to its crescendo it dissolves into the kind of deeper, more lucid introspection that comes after any kind of manic episode. There's an acknowledgement of the situation, a rational look at the triggers, and the self-harm one is causing by acting this way. This song does not end with a resolution of how to make it better. Rather, it ends at Point Zero. It has acknowledged all that is wrong, all that must be avoided, wasting ones life, lying to one's mother, fading alone, allowing the protagonist to finally move forward.”
  • The video was shot in Lahinch on the West coast of Ireland in 2020.
    Bo Morgan said, “The two sisters and wonderful actors Muireann Gallen and Cairell Ryan represent the dynamic push and pull which exists in every human being. The video is divided into three parts. The first part displays a unity and natural comfortability between the protagonists, which soon descends into violence and discord in the second. In the third and final act, the negative energy abates, and a deeper union than ever before is formed. The eventual oneness they manage to find between them, represents the possibility within each of us to find our own inner peace, even after the most turbulent times.”
  • source : Spotify
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