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  • Holly Humberstone Releases New Song “The Walls Are Way Too Thin”

  • British singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone released the second single off of her upcoming sophomore EP “Emotional Grim Reaper” called “The Walls Are Way Too Thin”, following “Haunted House”.
    The it was written by Holly Humberstone and Rob Milton, who also produced the track.
    Holly Humberstone shared on social media, “I wrote The Walls Are Way Too Thin about a time in my life where I felt like i'd lost control of where I was heading and struggling a little with finding my place in the world. It was a very strange period, I'd just moved to London away from my family and all of a sudden everything that I knew to be normal had changed completely. I moved on a whim into this little dingy room. I met some cool people but this place was pretty lonely and claustrophobic. I'm such an awkward person and even though I really liked my housemates I still felt worried about small talk in the kitchen or passing each other in the corridors. I had some fun times there, but I felt like I was mostly confined to my room whilst chaos was going on in the flats or streets around us. To avoid confronting how I was feeling I'd sneak out of the flat and go on train journeys to see my mates, get drunk, then come back hungover through the night or morning. I wrote most of Walls and the songs that come next on those trains. It was my place of therapy, in the middle of nowhere.”
  • The accompanying music video was directed by Raja Virdi. She said, I wanted the music video to reflect how I felt stuck in my room with my own internal anxiety rising. The idea of being trapped in an air vent in a burning building came from that feeling of claustrophobia and panic that I felt throughout my time living in the flat. Shooting the video was chaotic, my elbows and knees look quite different now after 8 hours of crawling back and forth. The fire blast in the vent was totally real too !!”
    The new EP is expectedto be released in 2021.
  • source : Spotify
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