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  • Aly & AJ Releases Explicit Version of “Potential Breakup Song”

  • American pop rock duo Aly & AJ re-created “Potential Breakup Song” as the explicit version.
    The original version of song was released from their third studio album “Insomniatic” in 2007. It became platinum for sales over one million copies.
    In November, the song was used in popularity on TikTok, receiving over 26 million viewers for the month.
    The new version follows up “Slow Dancing", which was the first single off of their upcoming fourth studio album.
    “It was a year where a lot of people didn't feel safe and listening to old music or watching an old movie was a comfort," AJ Michalka told EW. "And it was one of those things where it's like, yeah, 'Potential Breakup Song' — let's break up with Trump.”
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    The new album is expected to be released in 2021. It is their first album in 14 years.
    AJ Michalka told EW about the album last month, “Aly and I, our political involvement has grown, our involvement with mental health awareness has grown, our involvement with the LGBTQ community has grown. All of that does play into the lyrics and the meaning behind a lot of these songs. It's not necessarily a love song album. There are love songs on the album, but the record is really authentic and carries a lot of depth and weight that I think people are going to feel refreshed listening to. Also a lot of positivity and optimism behind it. And that was the goal that 2021, we'd be able to turn a new leaf and put out a record with a new president, where we felt like, 'All right, we can get back on the road safely.'”
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