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  • Tempesst Releases Debut Album “Must Be a Dream”: Streaming

  • London-based Australian alt-rock band Tempesst released their debut album “Must Be a Dream” on September 30, 2020.
    The album contains 10-track including preceding three singles “On The Run”, “Mushroom Cloud” and “High on My Own”.
    The album features simple pop melodies with '60s folk-tinged psychedelia rock sound. It explores themes of identity, purpose, ageing, love, loss, substance abuse, the death of loved ones and remembering the beauty beneath it all.
    Produced by long-time collaborator Elliot Heinrich.
    When the singles of representing the album were released, frontman Toma Banjanin explained respectively, “'On The Run' was written about a close friend who disappeared for a decade and returned as someone completely different, and it's an ongoing trauma. When I connected the music to the lyrics, to try and finish the song, it felt like it had a rolling rhythm, so the chorus fell into place from there. For me, this song carries a lot more emotional weight.”
  • “'Mushroom Cloud' was the first song that we completed on the album and it set the tone for a balance of familiarity. The element of surprise and the weighty dark topics that I wanted to explore. I found it easier to write this song as a confession from the perspective of the antagonist. It's equal measures apology, justification and threat, the kind of confusing grey area that only exists within intimate relationships. It's love that becomes all-consuming and suffocating. It's that destructive primal default buried deep within each of us. The Saboteur present in every moment of regret...that will do or say anything in an attempt at self-preservation.”
    “I grew up near Noosa, a small beach town in Australia. In my town, a 30 year old man was typically a family man, with a normal job, a mortgage etc. The kind of guy who had a balanced life and what seemed to be contentment as a byproduct. These guys had beliefs, they lived by a code that guided each decision with a brand of certainty that I envy and in my subconscious, this archetype framed the kind of firm identity one should expect to acquire by age 30. A couple of decades on, here I am, 30, still wandering, without the beliefs or certainty I expected to have. We wanted to push the listener into a single direction and then pull the rug out from under them – it's very representative of the lyrics.”
  • source : The Line Of Best Fit
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