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  • Be No Rain Releases Debut Album “Strawberry Backstory”: Streaming

  • London-based singer-songwriter Be No Rain released his debut album “Strawberry Backstory” on September 18th via One Two Many Records.
    The album contains 10-track including preceding singles “All Night, Right?”, “Deadweight”, and “Media Luna”.
    Be No Rain shared on social media, “I can’t really begin to describe how it feels to write that. I’m going to have to ration my emotions out across several posts. For now I just want to beam this stunning artwork out to you all. It was shot by Hollie Fernando and designed by @aoifeblair I can’t thank them enough. It looks exactly how the record sounds. Also, to everyone involved in the shoot, a massive thank you for humouring me on a very fun and very distant-seeming February morning 🍓🍓🍓”
    Back in May, Be No Rain told Wonderland Magazine about the album in an interview, “I suppose the whole album is about memory or the act of remembering. The album took years to record and is comprised of songs that I wrote over the course of my whole adolescence and young adulthood. By the time we were finished, we'd rewritten and reconstituted the songs so many times that the subject of the material had become distended. There are breakup songs about a breakup I could hardly remember the pain of. There were songs that had been revisited so many times that they had an impossibly panoptic view of an experience.”
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    On the same day, he dropped a new music video for “Call Back” directed and animated by Thiing Studios.
    “Call Back is a song about longing, set within a cycle of eternal recurrence,” Be No Rain explained. “The title is a simple pun; a returned phone call or an action that harkens back to a previous moment. Throughout my debut album, the protagonist senses himself trapped within an endless cycle of heartbreak. So this is perhaps where the cycle begins anew; with the aching hope of new love, and the eery sense that you've lived this moment before.”
    He continued. “The video picks up the story from the Deadweight and All Night Right videos. The last time we saw these characters our protagonist had just been jilted at prom. Rather than face the pain of rejection, he conjures a world where good and evil are binary and opposing forces. It's a sort of plaintive, saviour-fantasy where the smirking prom king, and his friends are transmorphed into an evil robot cabal."
  • source : Apple Music
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