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  • NOCUI Announces Debut Album “Italian Robot”, Shares New Song “Machine Power”

  • Berlin-based music producer Leonardo Di Fiore, aka NOCUI has announced his debut album “Italian Robot” will be released on October 25, 2024 via Shapeless Culture.

    From the album, he released the second single called “Machine Power” on July 5, 2024.
    The song cranks up the retro-futurist energy of the previous single “Give Up Control”, exploring the blurred lines of man and machine in an increasingly algorithmic era.
    The track was written and produced by Leonardo Di Fiore.

    NOCUI said of the song, “This track is almost grotesque in its explosive power. I love its maximalist aesthetics, and I believe it effectively represents the overwhelming energy of the technological system we live in. It feels as though the physical world is becoming an extension of the technological rules and algorithms that govern our lives, and that these behavioural standards are being dogmatically followed. Hence the title of the track, 'Machine Power.' The extremely rigid and relentless nature of the machine overwhelms us, leaving us a little intoxicated with its seductive ideas of power.”
  • NOCUI shared on social media, “The hard core sound design on this track is supposed to depict the commanding sense of power that comes from our modern technological infrastructures. Do you ever feel overwhelmed and directed by the dynamics of the machines that surround us?”

    He added, “Well, this is the feeling I tried to portray with this track. That sense of overwhelming psycological dictatorship that comes from the technological tools we use. That sense of gratification mixed with intoxication. The hypnosis that derives from the delegation of responsibility to our techno-macro systems. Seducing and powerful. De-humanising and alienating.”

  • Photo by Lorenzo Serafino
  • source : Apple Music
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