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  • Kristin Carter Drops New Music Video for “Euphoria” from Debut Album “Full Bloom”

  • Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Kristin Carter dropped a new music video for “Euphoria” directed by Eva Tavares on June 21, 2024.

    The song is featured on her debut album “Full Bloom”, which was released back in April.
    She co-wrote the song with Nashville-based Canadian songwriter Steve Mitchell and co-produced with Marcus Ramsay.

    Kristin Carter said of the video, “While the song was written about the excitement of a new romantic connection, we wanted to try a unique approach with the video but stay true to the confidence that runs through the song. We decided to focus on the inner conflict between one's authentic self and the ideal self they aspire to become. Against the backdrop of pulsating neon lights and a mesmerizing dance floor, the video encapsulates the journey towards self-discovery and empowerment if one can embrace confidence and unlock their true potential.”
  • The debut album “Full Bloom” comprises a 12-track, produced by Kristin Carter and Marcus Ramsay.

    Kristin Carter said of the album, “The sights are still, yet always changing; growing right in front of you without you knowing. Everything you take in is the first and last time it will ever be that way. The past few years have had me reflecting a lot on what it means to be resilient, patient, and joyful - much like a gardener. In digging for the meaning of these words, their roots, I allowed myself to celebrate the beauty in temporality, accept what | could not control and find comfort in the seasonal nature of life.”

  • She continued, “This record to me is hopeful. It was curated with the optimism of a gardener: they work for the distant promise of something, that despite everything, may not get the sun that it needs. That's okay. It will still arrive, uniquely, and in its own time. Each song on this record is a carefully planted seed, a facet of thought nurtured and tended to until it pierces its way to the surface; ever-evolving and never complete. Some are colourful, soft and bright; others are covered in thorns, hardened to protect. All are necessary - for a garden of only one kind of flower, wouldn't be a garden at all.”

    She added, “My hope is that each time you listen, it will be different - you'll hear things in a different glow of light that make them new all over again; the first and the last time you'll ever hear it that way. And so, after years of exploration, curiosity and growth, the season is finally here; I give you my garden, in Full Bloom.”

    Photo by Liz Rosa
  • source : Apple Music
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