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  • Josh Wink Releases New EP “The Deepness”

  • American DJ Josh Wink released a new EP “The Deepness” on June 14, 2024 via Ovum Recordings.

    The EP is a celebration of his own label Ovum Recordings' 30th anniversary and comprises two tracks, written and produced by Josh Wink.

    Josh Wink said of the EP, “I had such fun making these tracks and I'm happy to share more of them with you after its release. It was a new venture for me as I had a talented colleague of mine, Hannes Bieger mix my stems, which was a 1st, as I'm used to doing all the mix-down myself. But we felt that he could open these tracks up and have them breathe and sound bigger, which they do.”
  • He continued, “This EP is a departure for me from my tech-house, techno output lately. Yet, I feel comfortable doing the usual blur the lines of different genres of music, instead of being pigeon holed into only making a certain style of music. It's sexy, deep, heady, emotional and introspective house music with a lot of josh 'wink-isms', making it truly my thing, along with being inspired with what's happening globally in the music scene. The power of seeing people dance with their eyes closed, totally immersed and lost in my music is such a joy, and I'm happy that people are enjoying the music in this manner. Music can heal, and we have a lot of healing that needs to take place in the world right now, and I”m fortunate and blessed that my music can be an instrument for this to happen.”

  • Josh Wink explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Sonically, the entire EP is a culmination of all the sounds released over the past 30 years at Ovum. 'IZ' is both expansive and brooding - a behemoth slice of driving house and squelchy acid.”

    “The Deepness”
    “I always want to grow, push myself and move into new areas of musical expression and creativity. With 'The Deepness', I believe if you know my music, you can tell it's a Wink production on the track. However, it shows a more organic, deep, and sensual side to my usual production output. I decided to step out of my comfort zone with these tracks and use an outside mix engineer (through the heavy suggestion of Matty B at Ovum) and sent the stems to Hannes Bieger in Berlin to mix. We worked for several weeks (through emails) on getting the mixes right, and then BAM. 'The Deepness' was birthed. I am thrilled to have created something special like this, and having the whole process open me up to tackle hurdles I was not accustomed to. The track was then given an impeccable mastering at Calyx studios.”
  • source : Apple Music
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