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  • Silver Cup Returns With New Song “No Longer Love”

  • American indie pop band Silver Cup, consisting of siblings Logan Nelson and Hadley Nelson, returned with a new song “No Longer Love” on June 7, 2024.

    The song is their first music in almost a year since the 2023 single “Olly Olly Oxenfree”.
    This time, the band worked with New York-based electro-pop duo St. Lucia on the track.
    The track was written by Hadley Nelson and Logan Nelson.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Silver Cup themselves.

    Hadley Nelson said of the song, “This one cuts deep- it's the most real I've ever gotten in a Silver Cup song and I'm honestly a bit scared to share that. It's about being stuck in your fear. It's about feeling tortured and conflicted. It's about clinging on to the highs of something you know its draining your life away (Boa style). I called it 'No Longer Love' because it's about the point at which the reason you stay changes from love to fear, resentment, and toxic dependence.”
  • She continued, “What makes this even more special is that we got to work with Jean from St. Lucia. We've been huge fans of St Lucia since we were young teens, so having his ears on the production is a dream come true. His touch added a new dimension to our sound, and it's been surreal to collaborate with someone we've looked up to for so long.”

  • Hadley Nelson told Ladygunn about the song, “This song highlights a toxic relationship where the speaker tolerates hardship due to emotional dependence on their lover, but it's also self-critical. The speaker procrastinates the breakup they know they need to initiate because they selfishly cling to the good moments, despite the bad ones being really bad. When I wrote these lyrics, I was coping with resentment towards the subject, but also being self-critical and describing the fear of speaking up, which is ultimately quite harmful to the people around me. The song captures the struggle of recognizing a harmful situation yet feeling paralyzed by the fear of letting go.”

    She added about the video, “Filming the video was a deeply creative journey for me. I went back to my roots to find inspiration, starting with mood boarding on Pinterest. I created a little creative deck with a color palette that I felt matched the song's vibe—it's dark, moody, and cool. I also wanted the video to feel somewhat apocalyptic to reflect the concept of the song, which deals with a toxic and impossible situation that feels like the end of the world.”
  • source : Apple Music
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