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  • CATTY Returns With New Song “I Dated A Monster”

  • London-based alt-pop singer-songwriter CATTY returned with a new song “I Dated A Monster” on March 1, 2024.

    The song is her firs music in two years since the 2022 singles “can't hate you yet”, “Maybe All the Rumours Are True”, and “I Don't Miss You (I Just Miss Your Mum)”.
    CATTY first performed the song during the opening act for London-based singer-songwriter Dylan's UK tour last month.
    A cancelled wedding and a hefty dose of emotional turmoil later and she's sharing her side of the story via biting new single.
    The track was written by Catrin Hopkins, Alexander Pennie, Iwan Griffiths, James Frost, and Robin Harry Hawkins. Produced by Barnaby Cox.
    “I thought of every single thing that could go wrong on that day but I never thought about it not happening,” CATTY said of the song. “I think upon first listen the song can definitely sound really mean and bitter (hands up - there were moments where I was and it’s definitely comforting to call all our exes monsters), but I wrote it from a place of pure sadness.”
  • She continued, “I loved how open and trusting I was and I was mourning the loss of it, I think being a monster is quite contagious. If someone is one to you, you have to be careful you’re not one to someone else. Life makes it very easy to be bitter and closed and I don’t want to be.”
    CATTY shared on Social media, “This song was written when i was living on my friends sofas and now those same friends have thrown it a party at our house. I am the luckiest person in the world. My castmates, i will love u forever. Thank you for making what should have been a terrible year, really, really fun. This is a mother fucking passion project.”

  • CATTY said of the tour with Dylan, “I'm sleeping better than I ever have, I think it's something to do with the rocking of the bus, my body feels at home here. Touring with Dylan is a dream. It’s no secret that she’s a superstar but she’s also just a good friend and lovely person to be around. It feels as if my music is finding a new audience and I’m meeting so many new friends - the energy is infectious.”

    Photo by Nat Traxel
  • source : Apple Music
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