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  • Alfie Templeman Premieres New Song “Eyes Wide Shut” on BBC Radio 1

  • British singer-songwriter Alfie Templeman premiered a new song “Eyes Wide Shut” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.

    The song is his firs solo single since the 2022 album “Mellow Moon”.
    It was written by Alfie Templeman, Justin Hayward-Young, and Will Bloomfield. Produced by Will Bloomfield andJustin Hayward-Young.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Soren Harrison.
    Alfie Templeman said of the song, “'Eyes Wide Shut' is an amalgamation of ruminations I faced on tour. My brain always seems to be on full volume after a show and I find it really difficult to wind down. The adrenaline used to turn sour pretty quick once you'd get back to your hotel that looked the same as every other hotel.”
    He continued, “'Eyes Wide Shut' helped me express those feelings and since we started playing it live I often use it as a reminder to go easy on myself. It deters the burn out. Musically, 'Eyes' was the first song I wrote for my upcoming album. I knew I wanted to make big, weird pop songs. At the time I was rinsing Prince and Talking Heads a lot, lots of crazy staccato synth textures and nutty bass lines.”
  • Alfie Templeman told Clara Amfo about the song, “I really liked doing that thing where it's like a really like hyper happy song. But then it's got like a deeper meaning. So this song I was doing a bit of research and I was looking into how David Bowie used to cut up like, like song lyrics and he did it for like 'Moonage Daydream' and a bunch of his songs. And I thought be really interesting if I took that with basically I spoke to his therapist a long time ago and he said, 'Write down like all your thoughts for the first minutes of like, first 10 minutes of like every time you wake up' and I was like, Oh, that's such a good idea.”
    He continued, “I'm going to do that. So I found all of these notes so I just cut off all these little phrases and eyes wide shot is basically that it's like all of these different like ruminations just thoughts in my head from like touring and just like getting up each day and like facing like a post pandemic world. So that's essentially what it's about.”

  • Photo by Amir Hossain
    Background photo by Alice Backham
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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