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  • SOAP Releases New Song “Better Than Me”

  • London-based pop-punk band SOAP (formerly The Tyne), consisting of Cooper Stout (bass), Ryan Lofthouse (vocals), Josh James (guitar) and Noah Lima (drums), released a new song “Better Than Me” on February 8, 2024.

    The song follows up two ingles “Work Is Hard, Life Isn't Easy” and “Happy Alone”, which were released last month.
    Also, the track is the third single after changing the band name to SOAP.
    It was written by SOAP and produced by Joshua Lima.
    The band said of the song, “‘Better Than Me’ is the third single from us in 2024 already. It’s probably the most raw song we’ve done instrumentation wise drawing inspiration from bands such as 'Feeder' and 'Foundations Of Wayne'.”
  • They continued, “The whole concept of ‘Better Than Me’ comes from a memory I had of a weird creepy suited up 50 year old man that was trying to convince me to take drugs with him in a cocktail bar bathroom in London (I didn’t). It just made me think about these immature old men that probably lie for a living and think they’re better than everybody else.”
    They added, “It was one of those songs that spilt out of me and was finished within an hour (which is always a good sign).”
  • source : Apple Music
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