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  • merci, mercy Releases New EP “Like An Orchid”

  • Sydney-based alt-pop singer-songwriter merci, mercy released her third EP “Like An Orchid” on November 24, 2023.

    The songs bounce around her thoughts on big topics including the ups and downs of relationships, struggles with addiction and anxiety, and everything in between.
    Th EP comprises 5-track, in which she worked with longtime collaborator and friend, producer Chris Collins along with fellow Sydney-based songwriter and producer Robby De Sa and the one and only Matthew 'Murph' Murphy of The Wombats.
    merci, mercy said of the EP, "My new EP Like An Orchid is the roller coaster of emotions you have during your first relationship and how extreme they can feel especially when you are someone who has anxiety. This EP will take you on a journey of my inner demons while also showing you into my heart a little bit. The songs in Like an Orchid are a family in terms of the lyrics but distant relatives in terms of the way they sound. Each story has its own sound.”
  • The title of the EP itself, speaks to the growth and development of merci, mercy in recent years, as her relationship to others and with herself has undergone changes that have, ultimately, bred happiness and personal fulfillment.
    She said, “My partner wrote me a poem on a card, because I'd told him I loved handwritten cards. They mean a lot to me. He hand drew me a card that had an orchid through me. On the back of the card, he wrote a poem saying, 'Like an orchid, you have bloomed,' or something. It was really cute.”

  • merci, mercy explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Working with Murph and Chris was like some kind of magic. I love the song we made so much and I'm so excited that the whole world gets to hear it. In summary it's about my partner and how much it frustrates me that he is so wonderful to me when I'm such a mess of a human being. On a sunny day in Melbourne I had the pleasure of meeting Merci/Merceedes for the first time. I remember it being fairly awkward at the start, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a song. It's one of those were we felt like passive viewers and that it was writing itself. I love songs that happen like that, it usually means they're really good.”

    “If You Had Any Friends”
    “This song right here is 'if you had any friends'… it's the focus track for the EP and I just love it so much. It was the first song me and Robby De Sa made together and I've been just too excited for it to be out in the world.”

    “Lonely & Horny”
    “Lonely & Horny is about feeling like your anxiety makes you two different people in a relationship. There's the sweet loveable human they fell for, and then there's the one that tries to destroy everything you built. You become so comfortable with how you feel, that it makes it harder and harder every day to push it down – it ends up making you lose sight of your true self. Sometimes your anxieties can be justified, but when you begin to justify it all the time it becomes a tornado. You lose control of yourself and your thoughts, making the people around you suffer as a consequence.” 

    “Silver Lining”
    “Silver Lining is about having social anxiety and self-medicating yourself, whether that's with substances and/or people. It also shows someone who is so in love with the habits they use to cope with their mental health that they have forgotten the consequences those habits have on them. Silver Lining makes me feel happy because I could turn something that causes me pain into a fun upbeat song that others will be able to enjoy.”

    Photo by Madeline Randall
  • source : Apple Music
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