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  • AURORA Drops New Music Video for “Your Blood”

  • Earlier this month, Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA returned with a new song “Your Blood”. It is her first music since the 2022 album “The Gods We Can Touch”.

    The track was written by AURORA, and Chris Greatti, who also produced it.
    On November 28, she dropped a new music video for the song, directed by Kaveh Nabatian.
    AURORA said of the song, “The world is always bleeding. And you never know what is going on under people's skin. I think it’s only when we reach out to each other, that we understand what compassion and beauty we are capable of as human beings. Even if we can’t understand what people are going through: we should still try. If we don’t, what is a life truly worth? Sometimes addressing the pain, your own, or the pain of the world hurts so much it feels like dying. But in truth, I believe it is then we are born. Your blood. My blood. Our blood.”
  • Before the release of the song, she shared on social media, I’ve been feeling slightly torn about releasing new music, when there’s so much pain in the world. I've been scared it would feel out of place. But with time I’ve decided there might be no better time to give you a little song... Than now. And I hope the music can give you something good. Something beautiful. I know it’s all overwhelming. And I know we’re all hurting, on behalf of everyone is hurting right now. I'm sending you all my love. There is no such strength in this world - as compassion. May it blossom. And may it grow much stronger roots than any flower of hatred.”

  • After the release of the song, AURORA published her first book “The Gods We Can Touch” on November 16, 2023.
    AURORA said of the book, “This is a little book I wrote, trying to figure out the soul of my album.”
    She continued, “This is a book that contains a lot of the dreams, thoughts and processes behind my latest album ‘The Gods We Can Touch’ Because whenever I make an album, I always go very deep into my own world. It’s a lot in those worlds, and there’s a lot at once. So it helps me deeply.”

    Photo by Wanda Martin
    Background photo by XIN LI
  • source : Apple Music
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