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  • Lilac Haze Releases Debut EP “My Dreamworld”

  • Bath-based dream pop singer-songwriter Katrina Swift, aka Lilac Haze released a debut EP “My Dreamworld” on October 27, 2023.

    The 4-track EP was co-written by Julianne Regan, co-produced with Calum Wotherspoon at Joe’s Garage in Bristol and mastered by Adam Ayan, with guitarist Dylan Osafo and drummer Callum Maloney collaborating throughout.
    The EP combines atmospheric and ethereal textures with a sense of nostalgic romance.
    Katrina Swift said of the EP, “I wanted to create something that would transport the listener to another world where dreams and hopes don't feel like a million miles away or unreachable, and to know that things can get better no matter how bleak the reality may seem.”
  • Katrina Swift explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Daisy Girl”
    We all have a little 'daisy girl' within us, giving courage to take a chance on something new and different. I wrote this song with the idea of pursuing new relationships with an open heart without letting fear paralyse an opportunity for happiness. We had a great time experimenting with different guitar sounds for this track, and had fun creating this sweet treat.”

  • “My Dreamworld”
    “Even though we worked remotely, there was always close communication and so it was still a really warm way to work. Julianne created and recorded much of the instrumentation, and once I had my final vocals done, I sent them to her and she worked her magic with the mixing. I know we both feel it was a joy to collaborate with one another, and we're excited that we're continuing to create music together. This is a song that reflects a myriad of subconscious feelings and emotions that come alive in dreams, creating their own reality."

    Photo by Hugo Merle
  • source : Apple Music
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