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  • MIKA Releases New French Song “C'est la Vie”

  • British singer-songwriter MIKA released a new song “C'est la Vie” along with a music video on September 1, 2023.

    The song is the first single off of his upcoming sixth studio album, which is expected to be released later this year.
    It was written by MIKA, Doriand, and Tristan Salvati. Produced by Tristan Salvati and Martin Lefebvre.
    This time, he sings the song in French. MIKA said of the song, “I have an identity that has always evolved and changed. The French-speaking part of my life really took its place and I wanted to dedicate an album to that. I had two rules: I didn't want to pretend to be French. So I kept all my particularities, my accent, my mistakes, everything! And secondly, I didn't want to go 'shopping', asking everyone to send me songs. That's not pop music. Alt pop, you have to write it.”
  • The track is dedicated to his mother Joannie, who died in February 2021.
    MIKA said, “It's like she's summarizing two and a half years of writing. She talks about death and celebrates life. This mix of 'happy sad' is super important in pop. It metabolizes sadness so that it becomes something more beautiful, more useful. This is a fundamental rule. If you take away the choruses, it's the most depressing song in the world!”
    The accompanying video was directed by Rayane JF.
    MIKA said of the video, “This was the moment I performed for the very first time in Belgium to 15,000 fans and we captured the whole thing on camera! What an amazing crowd you were!”

  • MIKA told BFMTV about the song and the album, "It talks about a lot of things that are very sad, and we don't have the impression at all. It's really the assessment of everything that is wrong. Everything that is sad, everything that can be frustrating, in my life, in the lives of others. It even talks about my age, it talks about death , of everything. And then, it makes this sort of split, where it seeks to forgive and celebrate life, to metabolize life. because when we metabolize it, that's where perhaps we can let go of it. to go out.
    He continued, “It's the album that unlocked me, that gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my own colors, without diluting them, without being afraid to express myself with total freedom.”

    Photo by Royal Gilbert
  • source : Apple Music
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