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  • The Maine Releases Self-Titled Album “The Maine”

  • American alt-rock band The Maine, consisting of John O'Callaghan (vocals), Kennedy Brock (guitar), Jared Monaco (lead guitar), Garrett Nickelsen (bass), and Pat Kirch (drums), released their self-titled ninth studio album along with new music video for “a dose no. 2” on August 1, 2023 via 8123/Photo Finish Records.

    It is their first album in two years since the 2021 album “XOXO: From Love and Anxiety in Real Time”.
    The album is comprises 10-track, produced by Colby Wedgeworth.
    The accompanying video was directed by Nick Stafford , Austin Gavin, and The Maine.
    The band said of the album, “We've poured everything we have into this album, and it's self-titled because, in many ways, it represents who we are as a band. Each track is a piece of our collective soul, an expression of our growth, struggles, and triumphs over the years.”
    They continued, “This album is a labor of love, made possible by you. Your support has sustained us throughout this incredible journey. Your passion for our music and your dedication to spreading the word have been the driving force behind everything we do. We owe so much to you, and we are truly proud to be a part of your lives.”
  • The band shared on social media, “In the beginning, 16 years ago, we never imagined the incredible journey that awaited us as a band. We were just a group of friends with a shared passion for music, and little did we know that our path would lead us to where we are today.”
    They added, “Our focus back then was simple - to create music that resonated with us and the small community that began to form around our songs. was your support, your love, and your belief in what we were doing that kept us going year after year. We saw the signs that our music mattered to you, and that was all the encouragement we needed.”

  • They added, “And now, here we are, on the brink of releasing our 9th studio album. It's hard to put into words how significant this moment is for us. The date, 8.1.23, holds a special place in our hearts because it marks not only the re-lease of a new album but also a milestone in our journey together.”
    Originally, 8123 means the numbers on a parking garage where the band members and childhood friends would hangout growing up.
  • source : Apple Music
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