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  • Clare Siobhan Releases New Song “3/2 (Loves Me)”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Clare Siobhan released a brand new song “3/2 (Loves Me)” on July 21, 2023.

    The song is the second single of 2023, following “Flare” released back in May.
    The track was written by Clare Maguire and produced by Erin Costelo as with the previous song.
    Clare Siobhan said of the song, “My song '3/2 (Loves Me)' isn’t just about a musical time signature. I was feeling really shifted and unbalanced by a new love, in a way that was thrilling and comfortable and scary and easy all at once. I was so different from this new potential lover, but we were becoming so close so quickly, and we found we complemented each other in all these beautiful ways. I was nervous about falling so hard and so fast, and worried about what would happen if I let myself be vulnerable, but at every step of the way, things were working out. It was this huge risk that I was jumping into, but I was finding that I always had a soft place to land.”
  • She continued, “'3/2 (Loves Me)' is the constant thrumming question of new love: What if I don’t measure up to who they think I am? What if they get to know me and don’t like me anymore? And what if it doesn’t work out? '3/2 (Loves Me)' holds all these questions within it, and answers them with another question: what if it does?”

  • She added, “If you’re a music theory nerd like me, listen to the piano part. I layer a 3-beat left-hand part with a syncopated 2-beat right-hand part on top, and throughout the full-band arrangement of the song, if you listen closely, you can hear both pulses moving throughout the piece. It’s a bit of a sonic “optical illusion” – if you think in 3, you’ll hear it in 3, and if you think in 2, you’ll hear it in 2.”
  • source : Apple Music
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