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  • Saint Mars Releases New Song “I Am The Sea” featuring Tryzdin

  • British-American-Switzerland alt-rock band Saint Mars, consisting of Tryzdin Grubbs (lead vocals), Marc Darcange (keyboards/vocals), Julius Conrad (synths/bass/guitar) and Angelo Bruschini (guitars/bass), released a new song “I Am The Sea” on June 30, 2023.

    The song is about the issues around bullying.
    Marc Darcange said, “We aim to bring awareness to the pervasive issue of bullying and hope that our music can provide comfort and inspire strength in those who have endured similar hardships.”
    The track was written by Marc Darcange, Britt Warner, Julius Conrad, and Tryzdin Grubbs. Produced by Aubrey Whitfield and Saint Mars.
    Marc Darcange said of the song, “This song draws from deeply personal experiences of both Tryzdin and myself, with an overarching theme of surviving and overcoming bullying. It stands as a symbol of resilience and the power of music as a form of healing and self-expression.”
  • The accompanying music video was directed by Romain Bedouet.
    Marc Darcange said of the video, “Today we share with you the music video for 'I Am The Sea', a visual narrative echoing our own personal journey. As a kid, I faced bullying, school phobia, and my mind often found itself wandering into darker territories. This song reflects upon those days, a challenging time in my life, when the external beauty of the sea during a summer holiday contrasted starkly with my internal turmoil. We often put up facades, portraying ourselves as strong, and so was I, an outwardly 'dream child.' But the real storm was brewing inside me. I felt alone, yet I found strength and resilience within myself. Music, sports, and language learning became my sanctuaries.”

  • He continued, “Years later, Saint Mars was born, and a tragic story of a young French boy's end due to relentless bullying resonated with me. This was the inspiration that led me to 'I Am The Sea' My initial plan was to have a young vocal talent sing this piece. Interestingly, my path crossed with Tryzdin when I was searching for a youthful voice to resonate with the French boy's age. I then learned Tryzdin had a similar story and was also struggling with bullying. His contribution added a real layer to the song, culminating in him becoming the lead singer of Saint Mars.”
    He added, “'I Am The Sea' mirrors the hidden storms faced by many youngsters today. Sadly some of them - way too many - are not here anymore to tell their story... It's a tale of resilience, born from our own experiences, and a call to acknowledge the silent struggles around us.”
  • source : Apple Music
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