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  • Ingrid Andress Performs at NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

  • American country music singer-songwriter Ingrid Andress appeared on NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert to perform “More Hearts Than Mine”, “Feel Like This” and “Yearbook”.

    “More Hearts Than Mine” is her debut song released from her debut album “Lady” Like in 2020.
    The track was written by Ingrid Andress, Sam Ellis, and Derrick Southerland.
    The song received nominations for Best Country Song at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards and Song of the Year at the 54th Annual Country Music Association Awards.
    Ingrid Andress talked to audience about the song, “That song really changed a lot for me in my career. If that's what we want to call it, but country music is important to me, because it's about storytelling, and I don't have a twang, I'm from Colorado. But I think that is the thing that is the most lacking in music theses days is the stories of what's actually happening in the country, and country music hopefully will do a better job of that in the future. But I'm a really big fan of passing stories down one generation at a time and I think we all have our own way of doing that. So this is my contribution.”
  • “Feel Like This” and “Yearbook” are featured on her second studio album “Good Person”, which was released last August.
    She co-wrote “Feel Like This” with Sam Ellis and Julia Michaels.
    She said of the song, “This next song is about leaving a toxic relationships and finding a healthy one. It can happen to anybody it turns out no matter how independent you are and how much you think you know. I think for me it was a nice self-discovery to realize that as much as I think I know everything I don't and sometimes you find yourself in a that's not healthy, and I wrote this song because I've found a healthy relationship which I hope we all are in, right guys? Everyone's, like yeah not yet. But I wrote this song with Julia Michaels we were both falling in love at that time and we came up with this song and normally we write really sad songs like really sad. So, we surprised each other with this one.”

  • “Yearbook” was written by Ingrid Andress, Pete Good, Shane McAnally, and Derrick Southerland.
    She explained about the song, “This next song I always have to say it's not about my parents. Because they really want everyone to know that. So, it sounds like it's about them. But when I write songs, sometimes I take from things that I have observed - like, other people's stories. Because writing about myself all the time can get really old, so I try to observe what's happening around me and since I moved to the South, turns out western and southern are not the same things. I thought they were I'm still learning, but I noticed how there was such a taboo around divorce in the South and people will stay together even if they're miserable just because they don't want that tag. I don't know if it's, because it's a feeling that you failed at something or I don't know if it's the South, but I as I observed it a lot when I first moved to Nashville. And so I wrote this song because I also am still trying to figure out what I think about marriage and all that stuff. And I wrote this song to sort of process what I was observing and how some people just stay together, because and I am still trying to learn about that. So like I said not about my parents. So everybody keep that in mind. Anyway this song is sad and it's called the yearbook.”
  • source : NPR
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