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  • Adam Harpaz & Pastel Jungle Team Up for New Song “Other Than Orange”

  • Australian singer-songwriter Adam Harpaz and UK-born producer Pastel Jungle teamed up to release a new song “Other Than Orange” along with a music video on January 18, 2023.

    This marks the first collaboration between Adam Harpaz and Pastel Jungle.
    The track was written by Adam Harpaz and Pastel Jungle.
    The pair said of the song, “This first collab of many more to come is an alluring journey into the depths of longing for fonder memories. We wanted to capture that oddly captivating sensation of replaying those perfect memories, so often poisoned by the idea that you might never experience them the same way again.”
    They continued, “Playfully cosy instrumentation drives towards an energetic acceptance of those forlorn desires, with lyrics that dissect the alluring lie that the grass is always greener on the other side. Floating melodies seamlessly solidify into a sonic metaphor of always wanting more, always searching for a stronger feeling. A deeper blue. Something 'Other Than Orange'.”
  • Pastel Jungle said of the video, “So stoked to be sharing this lil creation today. I've really gotten into editing this past year so it's grand that I get to combine this simmering passion with the one thing I love most on this beautiful spinning ball of fun: tandem bikes. Soon I'll drop out of the music industry to pursue my true calling of crafting custom tailored tandem bikes for those special occasions. Better go watch this film baby of ours before it's wiped out from the internet forever by Beyoncé's lawyers 🚲”

  • Photo by Lisa Mae
  • source : Apple Music
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