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  • Juliana Eye Releases New Song “Late To the Party”

  • Toronto-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Juliana Eye will release her upcoming debut EP “LATE BLOOMER” in early 2023.

    From the EP, she unveiled a new song “Late To the Party” on November 16, following “Familiar Feeling”.
    The track was written by Juliana Iannuzziello and produced by Tal Vaisman.
    Juliana Eye said of the song, “My new single, 'LATE TO THE PARTY' is a POV experience of the burden of socializing while fighting depression. It’s an honest confession of feeling the need to mask your emotions in order to face the world when all you want to do is stay in bed and shut the world out.”
    She continued, “Because this song is about social anxiety and the effects that depression has on your social life, it was important to me to find a way to express that. For me, depression feels like you’re trying to run underwater, everything is thick and heavy around you, and your vision is blurry. On the outside, you sometimes look & act completely normal, so it’s confusing to the people around you. I wanted to elicit that thick underwater feeling on the inside while also trying to function and 'act normally' on the outside.”
  • She added, “I’ve always been chronically late to things, so on one hand there’s the literal meaning of being late to a social event or whatever it is, but there’s also a deeper meaning of generally needing more time to process things and find my footing. I always eventually make it to the “party” and have a good time, it just takes me a little longer to get there and after a little more work.”

  • She shared on social media, “i wrote this song a few years ago, shortly after i decided to start putting out music. it was one of the special ones that just kinda wrote itself and i didn’t have to overthink it (and honestly… love that for me). i ended up shelving it cuz it wasn’t feeling right, and i was going through a bit of an identity crisis trying to figure out what i really wanted to say & write about.
    A couple years later, while choosing songs for my EP, I started to notice a theme of writing about growing up and feeling “chronically late to life”… like I’ve done so much but accomplished so little. So I decided to rework it… and with the help of some friends, it finally found its place.
    I think the song is pretty self-explanatory, but I hope that if there’s any take away, it’s that it’s always better late than never.”

    Previous Song “Familiar Feeling”

    Photo by Less Killjoy
  • source : Apple Music
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