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  • Casey Møøn Releases New EP “mirrors”: Streaming

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Casey Møøn has released his sophomore EP “mirrors”.
    The EP is the second part of a trilogy, which consists of “fountains”, “mirrors” and “ashes”.
    The first EP “fountains” was released back in August. The third EP “ashes” will be released later this year.
    The new EP comprises 5-track, written by Sacha Katz and Zookids.
    Casey Møøn said of the EP, “mirrors is the second EP in a trilogy. My first one, fountains, is about feeling everything all at once; not really understanding yourself or what's happening, just letting experiences flow through you. mirrors is about growing out of that and feeling like you really know yourself; having a sense of mastery over what you want out of life.”
    He explained of the trilogy, “Each project varies in genre and draws thematic influence from a different film or TV series. Listened to sequentially, the projects tell a story about growing up, love and loss.”
    He continued, “There are several repeating lyrical motifs throughout the EP trilogy. I feel like all of these sentiments can mean very different things depending on the context. A negative context versus a positive context, or a nostalgic view versus a forward thinking view. I find placing them in the context of different songs and in different places in the story of the EP trilogy gives them entirely different meanings.”
  • Casey Møøn explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “The lyrics are inspired by Twin Peaks. The character Donna had such a dramatic shift of personality at one point, I remember being really struck by it. Got me thinking a lot about identity and performance, especially as a teenager. I wanted to elicit the sense of potential that I had back then. Feeling like I could be anyone when I met up with my friends to get ready to go out for the night.”

    “parks ii”
    “really distills mirrors' narrative, which is meant to feel like you're inside of a nightclub with the neon lights flashing. I took a lot of inspiration from the 80s - my favourite era for dance music. fountains heads somewhere unknown and in mirrors you've arrived. I was really into Twin Peaks and Blade Runner when I was producing it, so there are some lyrical references in there.”
  • source : Apple Music
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