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  • DARKO Releases New EP “SPARKLE”: Streaming

  • British melodic hardcore band DARKO, consisting of Tom West (Vocals), Rob Piper (guitar), Chris Brown (guitar), Karl Sursham (bass) and Andy Borg (drums), released their much-anticipated new EP “SPARKLE” on October 21, 2022 via Islands Records/Lockjaw Records.

    The EP is their first project in five years since the 2017 album “Bonsai Mammoth”.
    It's also the quintet's first release featuring new frontman, Tom West, previously of Almeida.
    The EP comprises 4-track, featuring guest appearance from Manchester-based punk band Follow Your Dreams' Katz Hinsley.
    All songs were written by DARKO and produced by Will Duff of Goliath Sound Studios.
    “After 5 years DARKO have new music for your ears. The new tracks have been in the making since BONSAI MAMMOTH and as most of you know we are fronted by a new vocalist since 2021, our old bud Tom West previously of Almeida. This has given it a new edge and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”
  • DARKO explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “The Ladder”
    “Our first offering comes in form of The Ladder and its an EPIC one, there will be some classic Darko you recognise mixed with some new twists and turns. The music was recorded and produced by Will Duff at Goliath Sound Studios its been amazing having Will (ex.Trails) on board as he's been a great team member to help develop the tracks. Massive, massive thanks to Katz Hinsley of Follow Your Dreams for the awesome guest vocals.”

    “In case you were wondering, I wrote the lyrics to this song while scrambling to unravel the messy wires in my brain while quarantining during the pandemic. I had found myself lingering on that old saying: 'Crazy people don't know they're crazy'. Thankfully nowadays we have more appropriate and empathetic ways to discuss mental health spirals, but the question remained: was I truly losing my grip on reality? Or was this a perfectly appropriate way to respond when reality is so terrifying, and the moralless expert-denouncers are the ones defining our notion of morality? I think it might have been a little from column A, a little from column B.”

    “Cruel To Be”
    “We're often lectured about how much nicer the world would be if we were all 'a bit more kind'. It's a lovely sentiment, but if we aren't standing up to bullies, we aren't being 'more kind' at all, we're just being cowards and hypocrites. Calling out a bigot doesn't make you as bad as the bigot. Often the worst bullies use their massive platforms to attack marginalised groups, and then claim they're the ones being bullied when people fight back. Cruel to Be is dedicated to anyone who's fed up with being told they're overreacting to being smeared and dehumanised by professional antagonists with enormous wealth, reach and influence.”
  • source : Apple Music
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